Monday, July 27, 2009

boong to de meks

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A word of advice: "asl" is boring. Please find something more interesting to talk about!
Stranger: sup
You: hey
Stranger: hows it going
You: fine, from ?
Stranger: california
Stranger: what about you
You: france
Stranger: cool
Stranger: france seems nice
You: yeah i live in nice
Stranger: you like it over there
You: yeah it's in the bech
Stranger: cool
Stranger: so you live near the ocean
You: yeah kinda
Stranger: do you like president sarkozy
You: kinda hahaha
Stranger: cool
Stranger: i hate living here
You: why ?
Stranger: I don't know
Stranger: It's just getting boring
Stranger: the people are rude over here
You: really ? oh i don't know
Stranger: yep
Stranger: are the people in france nice
You: yeah my friends really nice
Stranger: is it pretty hot or cold over there
You: yeaah at this time it's kinda hot
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: it gets really hot where I live
Stranger: i hate when its hot
Stranger: i prefer the cold
You: why ? but you can get freezing when it's hot
You: * imean cold
Stranger: well where i live it gets like 100 degrees farenheit so it gets really warm
Stranger: sometimes like 104
Stranger: in summer
Stranger: it doesnt get cold enough to snow here either
You: yeah california it's near the beach like nice
Stranger: its easier to stay warm in the winter then it is to stay cool in the summer
Stranger: yeah the beach is nice
You: yeah you need air conditioner
Stranger: yeah lol
Stranger: in winter though, all i need to do is wear warm clothes
Stranger: costs less money too
You: gotta go, bye :)
You have disconnected.