Wednesday, September 16, 2009

JT updates

it's not Justin Timberlake guys, it's JONATHAN TOGO
okay, maybe you're tired of me cos i post all about him, but trust me !! he is handsome
so.. i search him at google

and i found this.... news horrible

but... don't be sad.. cos it's just a rumor and i found at yahoo! answer looks like this :

Will Jonathan togo be leaving Csi:Miami in season 7?

Ummm I read in a Spoiler that someone in the Lab is a traitor..and Since in the fianle he looked like he was going bad umm..I think it might be him...?

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

No how at the end of the fianle horatio took out his phone before he got shot? It's because he txtd Jon.and said "its done" And it makes jon look bad because the jail bird said he wanted horatio dead. it was all a set up and horatio and jon were in it together.


eh eh and the good news is.....
Jon is SINGLE !! mweheheh :)

byee ya'all !!!