Saturday, August 15, 2009


ini adalah kelakuan iseng buat quote dari kumis, oke ga jelas ya yaa yaa baca sajalaaah :)

Anty (ip) says: (12:42:27 PM)
"when he laughs, his mustache moves up and down"

Naila says: (12:42:41 PM)
"and i love it"

Anty (ip) says: (12:42:55 PM)

Anty (ip) says: (12:43:02 PM)
"it moves very sexy"

Naila says: (12:43:57 PM)
"and really temptating (lupa spellingnya) make me wanna have that mustache"

Anty (ip) says: (12:44:45 PM)
"you can't have that mustache cos it's limited edition and it's only allowed for professionals" HAHAHA GUE NGAKAK SENDIRI BACA QUOTE NYA WKWKW

Naila says: (12:47:27 PM)
"inside it there's many treasure"

Anty (ip) says: (12:48:11 PM)
"not only treasures, there's an island! with a palm tree" 

Naila says: (12:48:35 PM)
"it's really beautiful with many hula dancer live on it"

Anty (ip) says: (12:49:35 PM)
"with beautiful mountains across the island" -- > we are so complicated HAHA

Naila says: (12:50:24 PM)
"ever captain jack sparrow really want to have the treasure of that island"

Anty (ip) says: (12:51:21 PM)
"with a lot of tricks, he can't even have those treasure, he even use jampi-jampi" 

Naila says: (12:51:46 PM)
"yeah because the forest really lush"

hahaha xoxo ga jelas kan ????